The Website Planning



Website planning is what one has to think about before you create a website design for your company and even before you think about how your website will look like. It is important to think about how many pages that your website should have. Most websites usually have about 5 to 6 pages. The simpler that your website is, the easier it will be for the users to find the information that they require and they are looking for and the longer they will be interested to stay on your website page. This is because it will be easy for the users to go through these pages and maneuver through them. Avoid complicating your website so that it will be easier to navigate through the website and many other different pages. It is important to consider the users’ needs when you are planning the website. Some of the pages that you should ensure that your website has included, the home, About Us, Products, Contact Us and the Services. These pages are self-explanatory, and they are very important as they guide the website users. After identifying the pages, you need to start thinking about the contents that you put in these pages.


The contents that you input in your website is very important, because it determines the success of your diagram maker website and also it will keep your visitors interested, and so it is important to create quality content for these pages so that you can keep your visitors interested. It is important to think how many paragraphs that you will show in each of these pages. You can also include some few pictures and videos on your website that can describe your services and your products even more.


Have the right artwork. If you already have the right artwork it is important that you forward it to the Slickplan company, they will use the artwork to create your website. The artwork can include the logo, the headed paper, ads in magazines, the complimentary slips, the newspapers and many others. You also need to agree on the keywords.


These are the target words that the website users can use to find you on the internet. You need just enough keywords that will enable the users to search you with ease through the search engines, and ensure that you focus on the most powerful. You then have to choose the right domain. Keep it simple and also easy for the users to remember, and also they will easy to access with no trouble. For more details about web design, go to


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